My passion and drive is to help others to heal themselves and keep an elevated vibration through the practice of yoga, breath work and sound medicine. We are vibrational beings and by tapping into every part of our physical body, we can then channel and heal the emotional body.


founder of mindful monarch & coach 

I found my purpose and I have fallen
completely in love with myself. 

Through doing my own internal work, I am now able to be present & connected both as an individual AND as a mother because of my spiritual practice. I have chosen to leave unaligned relationships behind and stand for what I truly deserve in this life and because of
that, I am an example for my daughter to unconditionally love herself. Together we are fully self-expressed and are developing the most incredible and thriving relationship, but this wasn’t always possible. As a teenager who grew up around alcoholism, I was headed down a
pretty dark path. I suffered from an eating disorder; I was so disconnected from empathy, self worth and my ability to be responsible for my own life. 

 The impact of living life this way had me moving into adulthood with self-destructive behaviors and landing in a verbally
and emotionally abusive marriage. I felt powerless as if I didn't have a voice. I couldn’t see my own value and it wasn’t until I went through yoga teacher training until I became aware that I was choosing this as my reality. I felt like the awareness alone was what truly
gave me my power back to even dream of something different. I began a journey of self healing through yoga & meditation where I would discover not only that I had an intuition and would learn how to trust it, but also that I had a voice and would learn how to use it. I left my toxic marriage behind, I found my purpose and I have fallen completely in love with myself.

This is why I’m so committed to helping families transform their lives and relationships through therapeutic holistic healing resulting in self-love, spirituality and full self-expression. I have seen what is possible not only in my own life, but also in the lives of the
families whom I have worked with.